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Product Brochure
Physical StateLiquid
Usage/Applicationconstruction / industrial
Packaging TypeMS DRUM
Packaging Size25-200 liter
Applicationquick setting,Admixture

Minimum order quantity: 25 Kg

Concrete Accelerating Admixture is an accelerating agent for cement. Used as an integral floor hardener as well as for early form removal and foundation concreting. It is also used for repairing concrete floors. Krete-X produces a tough Non-shrink waterproof concrete with high early & ultimate compressive strength.

Construction of Machine Foundation:
It is always advantageous to start machines as early as possible after their Installation/erection is over The addition of Krete-X in the Foundation concrete will give it high early compressive strength enabling to run the machine earlier without waiting for a long curing time.

Providing Waterproof Cement Pointing Rendering or Concrete:
The use of Krete-X with cement reduces the water requirements, and hence the porosity in the cement mix is reduced and it becomes more watertight.

Tidal Works:
In tidal zone there are chances of construction or repair works done with ordinary cement being washed away by the next tide. Use of Krete-X with cement reduces the setting of cement to few hours, and the work is protected from the tide water.

Diection For Use:
Reparing Industrial Floors
Preparation : Chisel out the broken portion to a depth of 40 to 60 mm and the joints of the stone paving to e 25mm width and serve depth. with vertical edges. Clean the area of all loose particles, dirt, and grease or oil. Our Red-E-Kleen isrecommended for cleaning oil and grease socked Floors. Wash the surface with water.

Priming : Dilute one part Krete-X with 4 parts of water. Mix it with cement to make a thick slurry, Apply this slurry with a brush on the wet surface, all around the sides and bottom.

Filling : Prepare following mix by Volume

  • 1 part Cement
  • 1 part Sand
  • 2 parts 12mm grit ( Stone chips )

Mix dry and prepare a mortar by adding a solution prepared by diluting 1 part Krete-X liquid with the 4 parts of water Fill up the hole or the broken joints in the stone paving with the mortar, strike it off to the desired level and then tamp float and trowel in the usual way. Cover the surface with wet burlaps after 4 hours, keeping it wet at least for a day,

Providing Hard, Non-dusting, Impermeable Floors:
Monolithic Floors : Use 1: 2: 31/2 C. C. mix. Add 1.5 Litre of Krete-X per bag of Cement, Finish the surface with wood float and steel trowel. Do not dust cement.

Topping : Use 1: 1: 2 C. C. mix using 5/8- size grit. Add 1.5 Litre of Krete-X per bag of Cement. The topping shall be laid to a minimum thickness of 25 mm on a freshly laid 1:2:4 C. C. or a set concrete base having been primed and prepared as mentioned above.

In Cement Concrete Work, Mfg. Precast Units, Tidal Work, Machine Foundation Etc.
1 to 1.5 Litre of Krete-X may be used per bag of Cement.

What is KRETE-X
Krete-X is a specially formulated blend of chemicals in liquid form, used with normal portland cement, having set accelerating properties. It produces a tough, non-shrink, waterproof concrete with high early and ultimate compressive strength.

What Krete-X does ?
Accelerates gm—Increases strength :
By accelerating the hydration of cement-reacting chemically-Krete-X enables it attain a safe working strength at a much earlier age. The time of initial set is cut to 113 or 1/2 or more. The 28 days strength is attained only in 7 days. This offers many benefits in construction work.

Waterproofs the cement mix : The addition of Krete-X results in 10 to 15% less gauging water being required which makes the concrete dense and watertight with higher ultimate compressive strength.


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